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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Is there any way to understand men?

This is my kitchen, part of it anyway. Why am I showing you this? Well, my darling Tommy decided one day that I was too much of a pack rat. Took him 26 years to figure this out. Yes, well, I had gone beyond the pale it seems. I had cluttered up and stacked over these cabinets all sorts of things, glasses with Golden pathos and Philodendron cuttings to root, decorative tins, fancy jars and baskets full of dried flowers. Well, after a while it did get a tad crowded and looked a bit of a mess.

Tommy being a neat freak (you have no idea how much of a neat freak!) he had had quite enough and told me to take everything down and clean it up. So, I did it. I took all down and cleaned it up. As this was over the stove--a stove by the way, which gets used a vast deal-- everything was greasy and dusty. Oh, boy what a mess! The tins some of which I got from Tommy's grandmother, were too pretty and antique-ish for me to just toss into the dishwasher so I did those by hand. UGH! Took forever!

The glasses and other washable things were indeed tossed into the dishwasher but they didn't all come out as clean as I had hoped. More hand washing. My hands were like sandpaper after all this washing, but once they were clean and dried I didn't put them back up there. Heck no! Cleaning them once was more than enough trouble for me.

So, you'd think after all this hard work that Tommy would look up there and smile. Things, after all were much more to his Minimalist liking. Know what he said? "Wow. Whatcha gonna put up there now?"

I told him absolutely nothing. He then says, "But it's so bare now. Can't you find something nice to put up there?"

I may just strangle him. But no matter. It will remain clear of anything, now that I know how incredibly hard it is to keep everything clean. I'm cured of my pack rat ways! Yeah...maybe just for a month.

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