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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Jack Frost, hear my plea!

About the second week of November I asked Justin to come out with me to cut some grass. He looked blank for a minute. I guess he was hoping I was kidding but as he could see I wasnt, he said the obvious (for him anyway).

Its not summer. Grass is brown. Its winter now. No mowing in winter.

Well, the grass was not exactly brown at that point--wishful thinking on his partand besides that, I didnt really want to cut the grass as much as I wanted to pick up all those lovely brown, orange, red and yellow leaves with just enough grass clippings to make a wonderful mulch perfect for the garden bedsa good warm blanket for their long winter sleep. Justin was having none of that. He can handle the riding mower but that has no attachment to pick up grass (Tommy insists hell get one next year if we have the moneytheyre a whopping grand!)

So, it was up to me to do it and in an odd twist of fate the Autumn Goddess gave me really nice weather in which to do much of this mower-pick-up-leaves-and-grass-mulching thingreally if any of you have a better name for this activity do let me in on the secret!--. Anyway, that was just for a bit, the good weather I mean. It then started the autumn rains which never seemed to stop until we went away for Thanksgiving. By the time we got back, it was too darn cold to do any such thing and the rain started in earnest again. 

Rain means no picking up leaves, no picking up leaves means no mulch and and there ya go---my beds are only half covered. Blast it all! Heres hoping for a mild winter. Jack Frost, are you listening?

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