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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Tropical girl I am, I am!

Being a tropical girl, I have the right to have a few tropical plants around me at all times. No, not the ones usually found in plants. Don't get me wrong. I have your typical house plants, Dumb cane, Pathos, Snake plant, Spider plant, Clivia, Christmas Cactus, Peace lily, Mango tree, Avocado tree, Cuban oregano, Hoya and orange tree....hmmm, I don't suppose those last few are very typical at all.

You may be wondering how I got these unusual tropical plants. I planted them. Well, all except the Cuban Oregano. It came from a friend (Hello Evie!)  She gave me a tiny little plant, from an herb shop and  she thought I might like it. Heck yes! It's a lovely succulent with the most intense oregano scent you'll ever want. Yes, I cook with it all the time. (Tyler loves it too, so much so that he took one of my huge Cuban Oregano plants when he moved out. He loves cooking with it!)

That tiny thing grew to be quite big, more than ten times its original size and growing still. It's so easy to propagate. You just stick a tiny sprig in water and within days it will root. Love when that happens!
I also grew the mango, avocado and orange trees from seeds I got from fruit I bought to eat. Easy as that. Yes, it took some doing as they are rather particular about germinating but I just don't take no for an answer, not from seeds, even tropical ones...or maybe especially tropical ones. I love my little tropical indoor garden and I'd advise you to try it too. It's fun!

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