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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Banana plants

My father has several acres on which he grows all sorts of fruits and vegetables. Some, like this banana plant, was already on the property when he bought it. He has several types and they all taste ever-so-slightly different. Some are fingerlings, some full size like the ones Americans are used to seeing in the produce department and others aren't bananas at all. Plantains is what I am referring to. They look so much like bananas they are difficult to distinguish except by the expert eye. Why is this important? Because you can readily eat a banana straight off the plant (Not tree, I'll tell you about that later on in another post) but eating a raw plantain isn't recommended. It could make you ill but it most certainly doesn't taste good!

So many bananas they don't know what to do with them!
My parents are never without a banana of some sort ready to eat. They usually have so many that they often give them away, to friends, neighbors, family, to their friend who owns the local bodega and even to the chickens and turkeys! Yes, Dominican poultry love to eat bananas. Go figure!

More often than not they have too many bananas and they actually go to waste--oh the horrors! So, when I told my mom I could give her a few recipes in which to use up some of her plentiful harvest of banana, she jumped on it. I'll have to look some up and send them to her. I may even share them with you.

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