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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Craft-y of me , don't you think?

Mom seems happy with her gift
No, not that kind of crafty. I'm not bright enough to be fiendishly clever, but I am good at needle crafts. I learned from my mom, who used to make me all sorts of wearable crocheted items. There were the usual scarves, hats, and mittens but she also made skirts, dresses and vests. When my kids came along, her only grandkids, she made all sorts of things for my babies. I've still got all the baby blankets and they will stay in my possession until someone gives me a grandkid of my own!

Being my mother took the time to make all these lovely things for me, I thought I would return the favor. As I didn't have this blog thing down until recently, I couldn't show you what I made for my mom for Christmas 2008. Well, here it is, a warm and cozy sweater for my chill-prone mom in her favorite colors.

At first she said it was too pretty to wear except for very special occasions. Then she put it on and said, "Aye, que caliante!" which roughly translates to, "Oh, but it's warm!" Silly Mom!

The only problem she had with it were the sleeves. They were about six inches too long! But no worries. I simply, took the sleeves off, shortened them and reattached them. Good thing Mom's got knitting needles ready there for me to do it all while I was still in the Dominican Republic, don't you think? After the adjustment the sweater was perfect and she was very pleased. What could be better than that?

Mom models her Christmas present


  1. Oh Glory, It is beautiful!! You are a woman of very many talents!!


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