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Friday, January 21, 2011

Finding the one true love of your life

Tom and I like to talk... to each other I mean. Don't quite recall if I've mentioned this before but it's our thing. We talk all the time but especially on long road trips. The most recent trip, down to Florida was approximately  twenty-three hours driving time with few breaks, so guess what we did? Hmm, you're not so dumb!

Yes, we talked, this time about love and the sad fact that many folks find it virtually impossible to find their one true love. Now, I'm not here to argue that there is only one perfect person for each of us. I used to believe that, but now I think there could be many suitable mates for each person, each with varying degrees of  making"the perfect couple". It is, however, the finding of a suitable person that was the topic of our discussion.
Tommy and me mere moments after saying "I do"

"Why was it so easy for us?" Tom asked.

While I'm not too certain it was very easy (we wished to be married over a year before we actually did. Explaining that would mean another story, however), but he had a good point. We found each other early on in our lives, hooked on to each other and never let go. We were only just turned eighteen when we met the first time and not quite nineteen when we really met the second time. (There's a whole other rather amusing story about that, but this one too must wait for another time) It was love almost from the start and not just any love. I call it true love if only because it's still going strong.

Was it destiny that brought us together? I think it must have been. It's a miracle we ever even met. What were the chances without heavenly intervention? I'd say slim to none. Tom was born in Brooklyn, a city boy. I was born in the most rural of rural places, a tiny pueblo called San Jose, in a whole other third world country in the Caribbean, one of the most poverty stricken ones, too. I'd say it's a miracle I survived at all and that I made it to this country! In those days, immigration was very strictly done, so that part was miraculous as well.

But there we were, exactly like the Journey song Tommy always sings to me, a city boy and a small town girl and what happens? Love. Truly, it's a miracle. Perhaps that may be why it's so difficult for some folks to find their true love, or any real love. They may not believe in miracles.
My mom and dad on their wedding day more than 48 years ago
Could it be as simple as that? Many faithful folks may think so. Others would say I've overdosed on romance and they might be right. I find romance everywhere, after all. I write romantic stories, I read romance novels, I watch romantic movies. I find romance in every flower, every leaf, every sunset. Maybe that's my problem...or is it a problem at all?

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