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Monday, January 31, 2011

Fixing paradise

While in Puerto Plata, we stayed at a fancy five star resort. The place was immaculate. They even swept the sand at the beach. Really, they did! But that is how you expect to find paradise, isn't it? When you think tropical island don't you think pristine?
Playa Cofresi in Puerto Plata, DR
Yeah, well, not quite.

If you are not at the resorts, you'll see that paradise ain't so pretty. There is trash everywhere, on the streets, in front of homes, along the country roads. Broken glass, empty plastic bottles, wrappers of all sorts and even juice boxes were everywhere you looked....kind of marred the beauty of the country.

We saw an attempt, feeble as it was, of clearing up some of the garbage. There were piles, half burnt along the side streets and some in front of homes. Not a pleasant sight either.

So, Tom, who always sees solutions where he finds problems, decided then that when we win a zillion dollars in a lottery (fat chance, but I let him tell me his plan anyway) he'll come back to the Dominican and set up recycling centers here. Not only would this clean up the place but it would also provide some employment opportunities to the locals. 

Killing two birds with one stone may not sound nice but it works in theory and more importantly in real life. That alone would clean up a place that should be pristine and help a group of mostly very poor people.

My only question is, why doesn't someone who does have a zillion dollars do this?

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