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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Granny Square Hot-pad

One of the easiest ways to rid yourself of tiny bits of yarn is to make granny squares. The Granny square can be made into just about anything, afghans, vests, table runners, bathmats, baby blankets, scarves and even sweaters. Here I used two of them to make a useful hot-pad for when I bring hot things to the table straight from the stove or oven. These easy to make Granny square hot-pads have saved my table top and counters from scorching and burns. 

When you've got nothing better to do and you could use a hot-pad, make yourself two granny squares, layer them with an old potholder between and slip stitch them together. They are so easy and fun to make, you'll find yourself looking around for useful things to make for your home or your friends.


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