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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Just a little walk

View of a tiny house in the hilly mountains of "el campo"
One day while at my Parent's house in the mountains of Jarabacoa in the Dominican, Tommy got a severe allergic attack. He was sneezing his head off, the poor dear. To counter this he took antihistamines which tend to make him groggy. I proposed we take a little walk to make him feel better. He was all for that. He gets rather bored there. So, off we went down the curvy road which leads to the river. Don't recall the name of it at present, but is a long, winding river set in a lush tropical valley, so, I knew it would be nice to see. I remembered seeing it the previous year. My father had driven us to it.
Glimpse of river through trees
Banana leaves
Croton hedge blocking a  vegetable garden from view
Well, what I didn't recall was just how far it is to this river. Didn't seem nearly so far by car. The road is hilly and when I say hilly I mean one steep incline followed by an equally steep down hill and that was followed by several other ups and downs.  I nearly died! Even Tom was out of breath and his bum knee was getting bummier (Let's say that's a real word, shall we?) with every step. I was really starting to regret this "little" walk. But I did take my camera with me and found some pretty sights along the way...
Little goat doing what goats do best, eating!

Rocky river bed
...and some not so pretty ones, too.
While walking we must have been passed by no less than fifty scooters. All of them were noisy and smelly...kind of marred the beauty of the countryside. The river was nice though even if it almost killed me to see it!

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