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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Meet Shaherazad, my first solo sewing project

This cute little bunny is Shaherazad, named after the brave young maiden who dared try to stop a misogynistic sheik from taking a new bride every day only to kill her the next morning. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, perhaps you have heard of 1001 Arabian Nights. Well, Shaherazad was the one who told those fanciful tales in order to entertain her husband, hopefully enough that he would spare her life--and those of any future wives-- until she ran out of stories. By that time, 1001 nights equals almost three years, he had fallen completely in love with her and decided to keep her and no longer take more wives only to kill them in the morning. Oh joy! The fair maidens of the land breathed a sigh of relief, I'll tell you!

You may be asking why I would name my little Bunny Shaherazad. Did she tell me stories? Not a one. But she did have a sister as did the original Shaherazad. Her name was Dinahzad, as I recall and she was the one who asked the sheik to allow Shaherazad to tell one last fascinating tale before her death. Sisterly love was one thing I never experienced, having only had a brother, and I did envy it.

So, I compensated by making Shaherazad and Dinahzad. Yes, I made them. They were the very first sewing project I tackled on my own. I believe I was ten, but I'm not quite sure of that. It was a good way to learn a few different stitches on one project.

Back in the day, my mother and I used to go to the fabric section of the local Woolworth store--I am dating myself, aren't I?-- and I would watch as she chose fabrics for dresses, pants, blouses and skirts she would make either for me or for herself. While she did that I found the craft bin which had these pre-printed fabrics for decorative pillows, stuffed toys and that was where I found the bunnies. Mom bought two of them for me.

I took them home and sewed them by hand, straight stitched all the way around except at the bottom. That was where you were supposed to stuff in the filling. Once plumped up with poly-fil, I sewed shut the opening using a blanket stitch. And there they were my twin bunnies. You may be wondering where Dinahzad is now. I couldn't tell you. My aunt Thelma took a fancy to her soon after I made them and absconded with her. Ah, well, I still had Shaherezad.

You may think it odd that I would keep some seemingly useless thing for so long, but that is where I differ from so many people. I throw away nothing. I instead gave up Shaherezad to my daughter. Alexis had her until she moved out--for what she says is the last time-- and she left the poor bunny behind. Alas, it was only recently that I found her at the back of the closet with a torn ear. Ouch! Yes, it hurt me more than it hurt Shaherezad, I'm quite certain. I put her on my sewing machine as a reminder to fix her one day.

Well, one day finally came when Justin happened to find me in my craft room and saw the torn bunny. He didn't like it one bit and bugged me to fix it right away! He gets his obsessive/compulsive traits from Tom and just like with Tom I capitulated and sewed the ear back on straight away. Shaherezad now has an ugly scar but she'll live on.

I'm not sure they sell these kind of decorative "pillows" (for lack of a better word) but they should. They make really nice, fun, easy first sewing projects for kids of all ages. Good for those boring snowy or rainy days when we can all use something to occupy our time.


  1. I used to go to Woolworth's with my mom, too. And you're absolutely right--kids' sewing projects are great for "big kids" too!

  2. I used to love Woolworths. It was nice five and dime type of store with anything you could want....anything I would want as a little kid anyway! ;-)


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