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Friday, February 25, 2011

Oh, the trees sacraficed for all this!

What a waste...or is it?
A few days a month, I  help Tommy pay our considerable pile of bills. We not only have the regular phone, electric, car payments and mortgage, but also vendor bills for Tommy's Hi-Vac Specialists and Brandon's Vacuum Pump Rebuilders.  Plus each of these companies have their own car payments and electric and phone bills. Some of them get paid online but there still are quite a bunch that need to go through snail mail. This means there are envelopes to stamp and address and yadi-yadi-yada.

What a bother! But then I'm, not telling you anything you don't already know. My problem is that the electric and phone companies send envelopes each and every time they send a bill. That may not seem so bad, but in our house we have the opportunity to consolidate bills. That is to say, the three electric bills go in one envelope. This saves us the bother of addressing another two envelopes, not to mention it saves on stamps. Tom and Brandon even share some vendors so they put both checks together and send it in one envelope. This makes good frugal sense.

The problem comes when we have left over envelopes with seemingly no useful purpose. They are specially made for one particular bill. Boy, do these pile up! See photo above, if you doubt me. Of course, you may not feel this is much of a concern, but it is for this hugger of trees. Trees are being sacrificed for all these stupid envelopes.

So, what do we do to save the trees? We actually use the envelopes anyway. Yes, the Verizon envelope has been known to send a payment to vendor Gasflo, Inc, the PPL envelope may find its way to vendor Tech Services and all those car payment envelopes (no, we don't use any of them to pay for the cars. We pay those online) go to vendor Grainger. Again, both company payments go in one envelope.

Save a stamp, use a useless envelope, save a tree!

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