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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Scooters everywhere!

The town of Jarabacoa teeming with scooters
 In the Dominican, almost everyone has a scooter. The ones who can afford them, that is. People love these things because they are much cheaper to buy, to maintain and cost a whole lot less to run than your average compact car. But according to my parents they are deadly as modes of transportation go. I can agree on this. While we were there at my parent's home, just a five day stretch, there were two major accidents on the road leading to their home. They involved several people, because it is the custom there for the owner of a scooter to give rides at a cost. 

Well, two little kids were riding with their mother and some guy. The kids got thrown from the scooter when it ran into a truck. Thankfully and miraculously the kids weren't seriously hurt. The man was not so lucky. Major bumps and bruises were reported.

Tommy looking over a scooter for sale
They, however, were the lucky ones. Most scooter accidents involving cars or trucks are fatal. Many scooter owners merely aren't careful going up the winding hilly road and sometimes during wet weather they slip right off the road and land in ravines two hundred yards down. Not good!

So, when Tommy said he was thinking of getting one for himself to tool around while we visit my parents, you can imagine I was none to pleased to hear it. Lucky for me, scooters weren't as cheap as they should be, according to Tommy anyway.

Whew! I can keep my Tommy safe for a bit longer...until he gets on the interstate again! Angels, please watch over my Tommy!

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