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Monday, February 7, 2011

Snow in my garden!

Not that I really want to, but I thought I'd take you on a virtual stroll of my garden while it's covered with snow. Don't worry, I took most of these pictures while on the porch or back steps. No, I'm not too keen about getting my feet into the snow. If I had, the snow would have reached passed my knees. Not too keen to do that, not at all!

Hostas are under there somewhere
If you recall from my spring and summer pictures, there were Hostas in this planter box. Yes, there is a planter box under all that snow. You can just make out the edge of the wood peeking out.
Poor little bird's nest spruce, all covered up!
What a sad sight! I had to think for a bit to recall what exactly was hiding there. It's my only surviving Bird's nest Spruce. The other one (they were like pretty book ends in the garden!) didn't make it one nasty winter. Hard to believe it, but all this snow is probably good for most of my perennials. Of course, only spring will tell if that's true of this little guy.

Below, you'll see the place where my vines like to spread and flower. The herb garden is right in front of the trellis, but don't bother looking for anything. Not Tansy, or Oregano, not even Chives can be seen poking out of that ice crusted snow. It looks so desolate now, it makes me want to cry.

Clematis vines sleep soundly with a blanket of snow covering them

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