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Thursday, February 3, 2011

What is in a name anyway?

My mother's favorite color has always been blue. So, when she asked if I could get her a true blue flower she could easily grow in her tropical home, Morning Glories were the first thing to pop into my head. First chance I got I bought a pack of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory seeds for her and for good measure I sent along Moonflower seeds, Petunias, Four o'clocks and a few others, too. She loved them all, the ones that took anyway. The Moonflowers, however, baffled her. She decided to call them Four O'clocks instead. Wanna know why?

"Well, the flowers open at four PM everyday, so I thought they just accidentally put them in the wrong package. Didn't you tell me there are very fragrant flowers called Four o'clocks? You didn't tell me they were so huge though!" she said to me. Yes, my mom can make me laugh!

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