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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Winter activities

There I was with a tote bag full of tiny bits of yarn, a crochet hook in hand and no idea how to put these two thing to use while I sat watching TV with Tommy. No, I can't just sit there doing nothing while watching TV! What are you thinking??? Didn't your mama tell you idle hands are the workshop of the devil? Well, neither did mine but she should have!

So, I decided to flip through some of my craft books and lo-and -behold! I came across...well, nothing struck me as something I remotely needed so I just put them away, too. Then the next day as I was taking Justin to Lords Valley--that's where the bus picks him up to take him to PCDC-- I saw a pair of sunglasses bouncing around in the car. They were all scratched up and pretty much useless. so I said to myself--yes, I often talk to myself cuz who else is likely to listen to my every word?-- "I should have cases for all of our sunglasses so they don't get ruined.

Have you put two and two together yet? I thought so. Yes, these simple little crocheted sunglass cases took about 40 minutes each to make at a leisurely rate. I made two more since. Yes, we have tons of sunglasses, several pairs in each car and almost all of them needed protection. So, that was my project for part of the winter. I was planning on making sweaters for myself, but Tommy ruined that for me. I'll tell about that next time.

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