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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Winter Crochet project #2

I suppose you're wondering why in the world one would crochet a cover for a plain old plastic clothes hanger and I would say, you just answered your own question. It's plain and ordinary so it could use some sprucing up. Not to mention it's slippery for slick spaghetti type straps and silky blouses. Nothing slips off this baby when I cover it with yarn!

But besides those good reasons, this one also happened to be broken. Most times these would get tossed out unless they are at my house. That's right, I even salvage broken hangers. I tiny bit of duct tape and some extra yarn for the cover and it's fine and dandy. Don't use it to hang heavy winter coats but for tank tops or a sundress, it's just great.
Crocheted any which way gets the job done

So, how did I do it? I winged it. No, I had no set instructions, so I can't really give you any, unless you truly want them. I have done it several ways. In two parts, in one part, working across or width-wise. Any which way works. The trick is to make each side slightly smaller than you want it then add a row of single crochet around the edge until it's the right size. then you slip stitch the sides together with the hanger snug within.

If you have the basic stitches down, you know how to increase and decrease along the edge and you are willing to measure as you go, you'll do fine and you'll use up those seemingly useless bits of yarn which are too small for any other much larger project.


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