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Monday, March 7, 2011

Bottled water is the devil!

A subject most dear to my heart showed up on my favorite blog, The Frugal Girl. Kristen, its creator, spoke about bottled water or as I like to refer to it, THE DEVIL! Yes, I contend bottled water is the root of, if not all than most evil in the world.

The creation of bottled water I knew from the start was a terrible thing. I can still remember so clearly when I first saw a bottle of Evian water--could it truly be two decades ago?

"Do they really expect people to pay for water???" I asked Tommy, utterly incredulous.

He shrugged and replied, "You know some people will buy anything, especially if it sounds fancy."

Turns out he was right. Some people actually believed then and some still do now, that bottled water is better than plain old tap water. No, that water doesn't come from clean mountain springs and so what if it did? You do realize that bears and birds and fish and all sorts of other creatures bathe, drink and otherwise relieve themselves in and around clean, clear mountain streams, don't you?

We are truly blessed. We have a wonderful source of great tasting water. Our well is very deep and perfect. I couldn't wish for anything better. I know many folks are not so blessed, but there are ways of making whatever kind of water you have at least a bit better. 

I laughed myself silly once when I heard the actress and complete genius Tori Spelling bought Evian water to put in her Mercedes when it overheated. She couldn't possibly use plain old tap water for her precious car. It was a Mercedes, for Pete's sakes! Well, you do know what Evian is spelled backwards, don't you? Yes, Naive and you'd have to be to think plain old tap water placed in a bottle and slapped on with a fancy label is actually worth all that money! Well, when you have so much money, why not spend it un-wisely?

Well, I could tell you all the reasons I believe bottled water to be so evil, but as Kristen said it all already and very well too, I'll send you right over to her blog posting for all the details.

I need not go over what The Frugal Girl did already even though I'm dying to, but once I start I may never stop! yes, I get a bit fried when I think of it. I just wanted to spread the word myself here because I feel it is so very important. The environmental impact of all those millions and billions of bottles is devastating and not just for our country, but all over the planet. I saw first hand when I was in The Dominican this pasted Christmas. There were empty bottles everywhere! There is no recycling programs in third world nations and yet bottled water is EVERYWHERE. It's hideous and so pathetic.

No, this tiny blog posting won't stop the bottled water industry, but if I can convince one person to stop buying bottled water, than I've done some good in the world. It's better than doing something bad or even nothing!

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