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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dried flowers on display

I can barely open a book at my house without some dried flowers falling out. I'm always sticking a few flowers within the pages of heavy books just to keep a few special ones forever--at least in dried form. Dried flowers will often find their way into a dish of potpourri as well. Those I don't dry flat though, but allow to dry naturally. They look rather lovely mixed in with bits of colored bark and whatever else potpourri is made of.

The best way I've discovered to display my dried flowers, however, is in this empty fish bowl. I believe the fish that made a home here only lasted an hour and soon found his eternal resting spot buried under a rose bush. I'm quite certain Mr. Goldfish wouldn't mind that I now use his former home to fill up and display dried flowers. I then stick some peacock feathers my father gave me from his own showy birds and I have a nice and unusual "floral" display.

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