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Saturday, March 19, 2011

From the kitchen to the garden

Okay, maybe not from the kitchen to the garden, but to a pot. That's good too. I usually tell about bringing produce to the kitchen from the garden, but this time it's the other way around. Do you perhaps recognize these? Well, if you've ever gone to the produce section of the store, gone to a farmers market or made a soup, you should. These are carrot greens. I didn't grow them from seeds. Some carrots started sprouting in the fridge, so I chopped off the tops and stuck them in soil and there you go. I've got carrots growing in the house!

Will they grow into anything useful? I suspect they may. They already look pretty nifty all greened up and reaching for the feeble winter sun. Unless the cats take a fancy to them, they may become nice, albeit stubby, carrots ready for another soup. I'll let you know!

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