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Thursday, March 3, 2011

I'm gonna catch me a little red fox, yeah, yeah, that's just what I'm gonna do!

Little red fox on the hill
No, I don't really want to catch me a fox and cut his tail off, but I seemed to be channeling not-too-bright-but-sweet-Lenny and his friend George or maybe Bugs Bunny. Couldn't quite tell which. If you don't know what I'm talking about--really what did you do during high school English class??-- then you ought to read or re-read John Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.

The thing is, I saw this little red fox just hanging in my back yard. There he is just sitting on the snow all curled up and snoozing. I'm almost certain he's the same one I saw in the back field way back in spring. I told you about him then when he was just a pup. Curious little guy and not at all afraid of me. I was surprised to see him alone though. I thought he'd still be with his mother or at least his brother--or sister, never did get a chance to see the other one up close. That one was not gonna hang around to allow me to take his picture unlike this one.

I don't much mind him hanging out because he's likely to make lunch out of some of the rabbits which do enough damage in my garden, thank you very much! He can have them all! Tom on the other hand was a bit worried that the fox wouldn't know the difference between a rabbit and one of our cats, but as I pointed out to him, our cats don't want to go outside anymore, definitely not in the snow, anyway!
Well, I hope you like my little red fox. He's a cutie all right. :-)


  1. They are very pretty. I would also be concerned for my Yorkies safety but I agree if you don't let the cats out you are fine. If I wanted to encourage him to stay around to get your other irritants, knowing me I would stick a dog house out there for him to have some shelter. :) Considering the distance of that photo, it's really quite good for the closeup.

  2. I was safely inside the house when i took these pictures. I knew the minute I opened the door he would bolt and I really wanted a few shots. Took them through the glass door at the side of the house. ;-)


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