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Friday, March 25, 2011

Kitty-cat bed made easy and cheap

You'll never guess what I used to make this kitty-cat bed. I couldn't coax Zebrina out of it long enough to show you, so you'll have to take my word for it. She's sixteen years old and a bit frail now, so I know you'll understand why I let her be.

If you've been at Glory's Garden for anytime, you may know I'm nothing if not a huge pack-rat. Okay, maybe not huge. I only come up to five foot one, but that's neither here nor there. So, you may know I throw nothing away in the off chance I may find another use in future for whatever it is I no longer have a use for. In this case it was old curtains and crib bumpers. The curtains I saved because they were made from a good sturdy cotton fabric and I knew I could use them to make...something. I didn't know what, but I knew one day they would come in handy and they did.

As for the crib bumpers, my baby days are long since gone. I was actually saving them with grandchildren in mind. Silly me! My kids are not anywhere near the point of giving me grandkids. Two of them insist they never will and then there's Justin who is actually afraid of babies. So, I've approximately one shot at getting grandkids and he's not even dating anyone seriously yet.

So, I used two crib bumpers, an old curtain and a bit of foam to make kitty-cat beds. It was absolutely free and took only a couple of hours to put together. And look at Zebrina. Doesn't she look comfy?

How I did it is easy enough. You know how there are six sections to crib bumpers? Well, I took two of them for each bed (Oh, didn't I say I made two beds? We do have four cats you know!)  I sewed them end to end and formed a circle. I then measured the circle and cut three circles from the fabric plus a piece of foam slightly larger than the circle. One circle is to be the bottom of the bed. The other two and the foam are for a removable cushion. This is to make the kitty bed easy to wash in the washing machine.

I then measured the crib bumpers length and width. I cut the fabric this length plus two inches and twice the width plus two inches. I then sewed the length all the way around the circle of fabric. I then can insert the bumpers and fold over the fabric. Time to make the cushion by putting the two circles right sides facing. Sew most of the way around leaving a 6-8 inch section open for inserting the foam piece. Then turn it right side out, insert foam and sew shut. Place the cushion snug inside the bumper circle and tuck the fabric in around. Now it's all ready for kitty. Wasn't that easy? And it was free too. Love when that happens.;-)


  1. She looks adorable in that bed. I have a couple of those for my Yorkies which they like too. Your's looks way nicer though. You did good.

  2. i am gonna make this today for my 19-year-old fellah. thanx so much!

  3. i just got a 6 month old cat, and was googling how to make a cat bed out of a crib bumper, and you popped up! THANK YOU!! :D


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