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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring time at Longwood

When the winter blahs get us down, Tom always suggests a romp at Longwood Botanical gardens. It's an easy drive from our home to Kennett Square, PA. Okay, three hours isn't easy for most people it it is for Tommy. The garden is right next to Brandywine the historical sight, if that helps you. Even if there is snow on the ground, inside Longwood's conservatory is always summer...or in this case spring.

Lovely tulips brighten anyone's day
I found these lonely daffodils in the arid garden. See the Agave directly behind them?

These Star gazer oriental lilies have the most outstanding fragrance! They can knock you out if you're not used to them. I, of course, am used to them! Oh, but they are to die for.

These white ones are Oriental lilies as well. Don't recall the cultivar name, but they do have the same wonderful perfume. It's like a giant floral shop in this place!

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