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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Tomato cuttings in winter

Oh, but I suppose you are wondering how I managed to get a tomato cutting in the dead of winter. Well, if you've been around Glory's Garden long enough you would know I try to keep a tomato plant alive through the winter months indoors just so I can do this. Why? Just because I can! My tomato plant kind of petered out a while back, but I still kept it going in the hope I could start some cuttings from it once spring started getting close.

Well, spring really isn't close enough but I'm going stir crazy and the tomato plant was looking a tad peaky. I really didn't think it would last much longer, so I took a few cuttings and set them in water. Only two still look okay. I think I'll plant them in soil and see what comes of it.

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