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Thursday, March 17, 2011

An unusual front yard

I realize most people would not go for this, but I did away with my front lawn. Being it was a scraggly ugly patch of sorry looking grass, I thought replacing it with a shrub border was a much better idea. It was! It may not look like much here, but it looks much better than the lawn does and during the growing season it's to die for! I took this picture just a few freezing days ago as you can tell by the snow still on the ground.

Don Hancock, a friend at Helium and author of the novel A Message for all Time told me he hated his lawn. It always looked horrible, had all sorts of weeds creeping into it and Lordy, all that work to water, feed and cut the darned thing! He's getting up there in years, so did he really want to continue in this way? No way! He asked me what he should do and don't you know, I told him. I even wrote an article for Helium on the subject, What to do when you no longer want to care for a lawn.
The picture below shows the line of Arborvitae from the tree field, aka Tommy's arboretum.
House is hiding behind the shrub border
Sorry for the small picture. It became all distorted when I tried to make it large.
 He wanted to see my "front lawn", so here it is. Tall narrow-growing Arborvitae line the back and act as back drop to everything in front of it. To the left is a row of Deodar cedar. Not showing in the picture but to the far right I have a row of globe arborvitae which don't grow as tall as the others. Scattering within are a cotoneaster, Burning bush, a tall shrub Hydrangea (which is often confused with a PeeGee Hydrangea because it looks so much like it, but isn't), two Jane Magnolias, a few Peonies and a large Lilac which is trying its best to take over! There are some perennials here and there as well as some grape hyacinths and daffodils.

If you need help with your own lawn makeover, you know where I am, or you can read about it at Helium.


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