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Sunday, March 6, 2011

You know spring is coming when....

You know spring is coming when the snow melts, but what happens then is a bit troublesome, at least at out house. We get huge puddles in the backyard which tend to flood the septic tank. Tom had to go out in the rain to put a pump down there and get the extra water out. Most of the snow is gone now, but I'm not jumping for joy just yet. The weather calls for this torrential rain to turn to snow come midnight. Oh, happy day!

Did I say puddle? It's the size of a pond now. Never been this big before!
Taking a walk out there today, I was quite glad I remembered to wear my waterproof duck boots. It was squish-squish-squish all the way. The yard is soaked! With nowhere to go, the water's just going to stay there until the sun comes out or gravity leads it downhill. We get all sorts of seasonal springs popping up on the great lawn. They form huge ruts all over the yard as large amounts of water head for the river. The river's rushing pretty darn good now!
Most of the snow is gone.
Well, the yard would be like this, all sopped with rain and melted snow because we do live on a swamp. It's supposedly the highest elevation swamp in North America, the Poconos. Nice distinction, huh? It's also a most unusual swamp. Our land isn't under tons of Spanish moss strewn Cypress trees, but it's a swamp just the same. It's for lack of trying though. It's just too cold here for Cypress trees.

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