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Sunday, April 3, 2011

B is for Buffalo, Shuffling off to Buffalo

Last week, Tommy had to go to Buffalo to pickup a broken leak detector and drop off one that works. This would be a five and a half hour long ride for about fifteen minutes of "work". He didn't really want to go alone. Couldn't blame him. It's a long and boring ride there and back. He thought I would keep him entertained, so, off I shuffled off to Buffalo with him. Well, my Tommy couldn't take me all the way to Buffalo without going a tad further to Niagara falls.

"Ah, it's on the way," he said dismissively. Well, he also has said that Yellowstone park is on the way to California too. Yeah, he's a traveling type of guy!

I had been hoping to see the falls all frosted over, but that wasn't to be. Mind you, it was definitely cold enough! But how cold must it really get to have all that rushing water actually freeze??? I believe it only has happened once in recordable time. I don't want to think of it, let alone experience it!

Yes, I was quite cold. Can you tell? ;-) The awe of seeing the falls, however, was enough for even this tropical girl to venture outside. It truly is a wonderful sight, one every American should see at least once in their lives.

Did you notice the rainbow over the falls? I did! There were two actually! Oh, but it was lovely. Pictures just don't capture the grandeur, the beauty and the magnificence of Niagara falls. Doesn't capture the noise either. Boy, is it loud! You can hear it before you get to it but you can see the mist coming from it miles away. Super cool trip, but it's even better in summer. Of course, it'll be crowded too. We had it nearly all to ourselves, which was rather nice.

This Niagara river was rushing so fast and furious, it's actually frightening! Okay, so, I'm a chicken. Sue me! They must have had one too many near accidents--ala people falling off to be taken to their death over the falls--on this bridge. I say this  because they have the sides built up so high and fortified with fencing and pole that you can barely see the river anymore. Forget about a good picture. Ah, well, at least it looks good from the shore.


  1. Man it looks mightily cold there. I would love to go to Niagara, preferably when the crowds are not there.

  2. That would be now. Wait any longer and people flock there by the hundreds! But it is worth it anytime. Nature at its best. :-)


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