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Monday, April 4, 2011

C is for: Citrus at Longwood

Longwood botanical garden may be located in Pennsylvania, a long haul from the tropics, but that doesn't mean they don't have a nice collection of citrus trees. Case in point is this lovely Grapefruit tree. There are four of these trees in the main section in the conservatory. They are planted in huge wooden planters which get moved about as needed.

For the most part, they provide a lovely fragrance to the entire area, almost overwhelmingly so. I cannot get enough of the scent of citrus in bloom, so, it's never too much for me but I can imagine others would get dizzy from it. Yes, it is that intense! The flowers are simultaneously out while the fruit ripens. Yes, they actually produce fruit all year long in this place. I told you Longwood was a magical place. You just didn't believe me! How silly you are.
If you peek into the leaves, you'll see some fruit. These are large, too. Tommy was just about dying to snatch one for himself. He insists stolen fruit just tastes better. Gotta love him, even if he wishes to be a thief!

Tom called dibs on that one. Silly boy! These fruit are slated for the restaurant they have on the property.

This is another grapefruit tree in the wooden planter. This is the center of the conservatory where they have a great lawn. I noticed a fallen fruit and I had to stop Tom from sprinting over the flower beds to get to it. He craves fresh citrus like most of us crave chocolate! Let me tell you, it's fun going to Longwood with my funny boy.

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