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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

E is for evaluating the right tomato for your garden

A friend asked me a few days ago, Which tomato seeds should I get?
What a loaded question! Evaluating all those tomatoes is a daunting task to say the least and not one I'm willing to do. There are only about a couple of hundred thousand varieties with more being born every year. How in the world could I answer that?

Well I didnt. Instead I told him what seeds I had from last year and that I could share them with him if he didnt need too many. Yes, I know the usual story. Seeds go bad after time and you should buy fresh every year. Know what I say to that? Hogwash! There are instances of viable seeds being discovered buried in ancient tombs, pyramids of zillion year old Pharaohs and hidden in prehistoric caves. If they can be germinated, then I think my 2-3 year old Rutgers tomato seeds will do just fine, thank you very much!

Oh, waitI found that packet of Rutgers tomato seeds was empty, so none of that. (Why I keep old empty seed packets is a whole other post. Look for it some other time.)

So, what will I be planting this year, God willing, of course? Well, I found three types of tomatoes.

1. A golden variety called Jubilee which I recall my friend Evey giving me a few years backnever did plant them. Ill try to grow some this year.
2. Roma VF--don't know what the VF stand for so don't ask. These plum type make a lovely sauce for canning.
3. Burgess climbing Trip-L-Crop which I find to be excellent tomatoes for fresh eating. This is a very prolific variety, but they love to sprawl so I like to grow them on a fence.

Now, if only Tommy had a day to spare to put up the fence around the veggie gardenfingers crossed!

Anyone else planting tomatoes this year? What kind? How many? Yes, I really do want to know!


  1. Our blogs are on different subjects, but I do love to garden--and to see your gardening pix. I'll look forward to following you.


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