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Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for first signs of spring

 So, there I was checking out the damage done by the massive rain we had (this was last month now.) Well, it wasn't really that I was looking for any damage, but I'm always braced for it if not exactly expecting to find some. And don't you know, I did! Two panels blew right off the greenhouse. I could only find one. I was not happy. While looking for the lost panel I found the usual oddities in the garden. There was a beer bottle, two tennis balls and two lenses broken off of the flood lights. Winter does take its toll on things! These objects I found on the Daylily hill and that was when I noticed the Daylilies themselves had started to emerge amongst their fallen foliage.
I did eventually find the missing panel

So, what will it take to put this greenhouse back together? Tommy. I can't do that. This is somewhat like a life-size puzzle and I just don't have the patience for it.Tommy will do it or it won't be used this year. Ah well.

Pond still frozen over. Fish seem okay with it though
 Looking passed the daylillies and to the pond, I saw it was mostly still frozen over, even with all that warmer weather. The gold fish we've had in there for about ten years now don't seem to mind. They have multiplied from the original four we bought at a plant nursery to...oh, let';s say more than I can count. They don't stay still long enough for such foolishness, so let's just say several dozen. The local Great Blue heron which occasionally comes to feed on them doesn't allow for over-population. Oh, if I could only get a picture of him! That would be awesome!

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