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Friday, April 8, 2011

G is for gardener, odd way an obsessed gardener's mind works

I'm not much of an animal person, but I wanted to show you the odd turn an obsessed gardener's thoughts take even when it comes to...well... anything. Take this not-so-little sheep, for instance. He/she--can't tell which, sorry-- brought about this post.

This sheep comes from Wooly Acres, a hobby farm in Pennsylvania, just outside of Harrisburg. My friend Julie Helms,  the owner, has tons of great pictures and stories of her sheep, goats, chickens and creamy colored wool at Wooly Acres. That's her blog and a nice place to be it is.

So, there I was reading all about keeping a sheep's coat clean so they can be sold for much more money, when an unfamiliar term pops up: Dingleberries.Well, I was bewildered. Before I explain to you what a dingleberry is I'll tell you what the first thing was that popped into my head...and it had nothing to do with sheep.
 When I thought dingleberries, I pictured large dark purple fruit on a lovely shrub with dark green, serrated foliage. It was very similar to the high bush blueberry shrubs there are growing all over the Promised Land state park. I pictured me picking tons of dingleberries, making dingleberry fruit smoothies, dingleberry jam, dingleberry pie and even making an Amish friendship bread with a few dingleberries tossed in.

Well, that was all before Julie told me what dingleberries are. Dingleberries are bits of wool which gets kind of yucky from hay and all sorts of other dirty things. I'm sure you can imagine what happens on a farm.Needless to say, you don't want to eat a dingleberry.

I was so very disappointed...still am. Well, blueberries will now look that much better.


  1. LOL! Hahaha--Dingleberry Pie-ROFL!
    BTW the sheep at the top is Saxon our ram. You actually can easily tell because he has wrinkles on his nose--only our boys get that!
    Thanks Glory!

  2. I thought you'd be amused. Thanks so much for the pictures of Saxon and the others. Still would like a dingleberry bush! :-(


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