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Saturday, April 9, 2011

H is for heavy, heavy rain causes winter damage

Going  into the tree field after two days of heavy rain, I found a mushy yard. In this mushy yard there are always what are called "spring runs". These are where the melting snow and spring rains run making sometimes huge ruts all over our sloping yard, especially in the great lawn and the tree field, Tommy's arboretum.

This isn't unusual. The melting snow plus rain plus clay soil plus swamp-like conditions plus natural springs all make for a very wet property with lots of water going down through these ruts to the river which lays a little bit away. As much and as often as we fill in these ruts with soil and sod, they come back again every year, but not necessarily in the same spot. For about eight years Tom kept at it, filling them in again and again. Even as we fixed one, another would pop up. It was a never-ending, fruitless task and I finally gave up.

Remember that, won't you? There are just some things which aren't meant to be changed. Spring river runs are one of those things.

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