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Sunday, April 10, 2011

I is for Iris, the rainbow flower

Iris is the rainbow flower. That's what Iris means in Latin, many colors as in the rainbow. It's pronounced E-reese in Spanish, Latin, Italian and perhaps others of the romance languages. Why I tell you this is because I have a relation who is named Iris, but we would never use the English pronunciation. It's just not as nice a sound as E-reese. Totally my opinion, but there you have it.
Blue Flag Iris
So, this rainbow flower is quite lovely. They almost do come in every single color of the rainbow and virtually every imaginable shade.

Japanese iris
 I have many types of Iris many of which came from friends and neighbors who had too many of them. They tend to spread in a most delightful sort of way. I have the Japanese Iris, the Flag Iris, I have the bearded Iris in all sorts of colors from white to a maroon so dark it's almost black, every color in between and many bi-colors too. I promise to get pictures of those this year.

I call this unnamed yellow Iris the Wendy Iris because my friend Wendy gave them to me. If I don't know the actual name or cultivar of a plant, I often just give it a name. It's what used to be done back in the day, so why shouldn't I do the same?

If you want a lovely flower which comes in almost all colors of the rainbow, I'd tell you to go for an Iris. The best source for fantastic Iris collections is Gilbert H Wild and Sons. Every garden should at least have one Iris.

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