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Monday, April 11, 2011

J is for Jack-of-all-trades, my Tommy

Tommy  beside a rushing Niagara River
In case you couldn't tell, I think my Jack-of-all-trades Tommy is wonderful. Shocker, isn't it? Perhaps not. But you may wonder why I call him a Jack-of-all-trades when all I've told you thus far about him is he repairs helium mas-spectrometers AKA leak detectors...I think I told you this anyway!

Well, that wasn't the only thing he ever did. Like everyone else in the world, he had several jobs before he started working with the delicate and complicated Leak detector.
No master at checkers
When I first met Tommy, he was working at Arby's as the "opener". That meant he got there first and set the place up with enough cups, sandwich wrappers, bags, straws, lids and such, cleaned floors, started the roast beef cooking, put together the shake machine (that was something no one else could do properly, I found out later); just making the place ready for opening. He worked early mornings then went off to Stony Brook University where he was taking some pre-med classes. He also worked as closer at night. Yes, busy he was then. Not much different than now!
Self reliant is my Tommy
Once we started dating, just a few months later, he told me how he fixed cars because he had to. His parents never had good cars and someone had to keep them in working order, so it was up to him to figure out how to do that--with no training! He did rather well too, surprisingly. He once took apart an entire motor and put it back together just to see how it worked. Not easy.
Checking up on those contractors during construction of our current home

Well, when I heard this I asked why he wanted to be a doctor when he was obviously mechanical and much more suited to that type of work. His answer "To make money", did not meet my approval.

Anyone who says that they only want to be a doctor for the money, isn't going to be a good doctor.... I mean a caring one with a good bedside manner. Tom would have made a brilliant brain or heart surgeon, I'm certain of it. He, for instance, has steady hands, is meticulous in manner, remembers everything he ever read and... well, he's practically a genius. But one thing he would lack is that nice bed-side manner. He's a bit gruff, my Tommy. I imagine he would have been a bit like Dr. Gregory House.  Brilliant but not too gentle. 

Beside all that, Tommy can fix and build just about anything, electrical, plumbing, wood, metal, you name it. So, really, Jack-of-all-trades should be changed to Tommy-of-all-trades...of course, that's just me.

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