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Friday, April 29, 2011

Life will not be denied

While walking through the garden, I am constantly reminded of the line spoken by Jeff Goldbloom in the film  Jurassic park. He insisted that though every precaution was taken to prevent the dinosaurs from reproducing on their own, """  Life will not be denied."

Even amongst the weeds
Such is the case in my garden and probably in yours too. Although I try my best to control most things in the garden, life will not be denied. Weeds will come back regardless how often you think you got all of that darn root. Other weeds will pop up at will. Plants will go to seed. Seeds will sprout where they drop. Plants will grow willy-nilly despite or because of excessive pruning. Some will thrive and some will perish and usually without any say from you. In short, the garden is full of surprises.

Case in point: How the heck did these Crocus come to be here under the Juniper shrub, outside the wooden barrier that separates the garden from the lawn and inside the rosa rugosa hedge? I most certainly didn't plant them there.

Jumped the restraints
Only thing I can figure is they went to seed, as naturalizing bulbs tend to do and the seeds blow around hither and dither and landed here and there and ....well, there you go; life un-denied.

I do like these little surprises, even if it does seem like I'm complaining.


  1. I just wish more flowers than weeds would try to not be denied in our flower beds. I hate weeding a garden. Dan

  2. Well, Dan, I'm an oddball. I actually don't mind the weeding. It's rather relaxing and gives me "freetime" for the brain.I write some of the best chapters for my novels-in-progress that way! LOL


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