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Thursday, April 14, 2011

M is for Master Shopper

Have I told you yet that my Tommy is a master shopper? Well, he is.I'll explain how I came to this conclusion.

One day in early December,Im looking over my vast sweater collection and say, Man, these are looking ugly.

Tom asks, Whats wrong with them?

Same pattern I used to make my mother's Christmas present
Theyre old and tired looking. Dont even want to be seen in them, I grumble. Well, I decided I was going to make myself some sweaters.I had, after all, done it before for others, so why not for me? It would be fun to have a project which I would definitely wish to finish up in a hurry. I asked Tommy to remind me to buy some yarn the next time we're out shopping. A week later we stopped at a store and I grabbed eight large skeins of yarn in several jewel bright  colors. I would get at least a few sweaters out of these, although I hadn't even started looking at the patterns I'd like to try. 

I mistakenly thought that was the end of that. I'd just sit down and make a sweater, but buying the yarn was the easy part and only the beginning. So many decisions to make! Did I want a pullover, turtleneck or a cardigan? Did I want a classic style or something new and funky? Did I want to knit or crochet it? Could I use my new knitting looms? Did I want the sweaters all one color or striped or worked in colorful blocks?

I was driving myself batty looking at all my knitting books and all my old crochet magazines. I came up with dozens of patterns I would like to try so, I started making swatches. 

What is a swatch? A practice piece to see if you like a certain pattern. I'll tell you about that some other time. As I was working up these swatches and comparing them, Tommy got annoyed that it was taking too long. So, guess what he did? He went out and bought me a slew of sweaters, thirty four of them to be exact, in all colors and styles and sizes. Yes, some were too big and some too small, but they were all just $2 each, with tags and designer labels and everything.

How in the world did he do that? Heaven only knows! He explained he found them at a store which deals with surplus items and there you go! Things like this always seem to happen to Tommy; things just seem to fall in his lap when he especially needs them. According to him he needed to get the sweaters so I'd stop fussing about all those patterns, yarns and swatches. He refuses to believe this is part of the fun of making a crocheted or knitting project.

So, back to the sweaters. "Only" about twenty of them actually fit me and  were my style, so those I kept. The others were given away as gifts. My mother loved the one with the flowers embroidered on the front! Justin loved the one with Pooh Bear and Tigger and I brought a few to my mother's housekeeper too, for those chilly nights in DR. It was apparent everyone benefited from Tommy's master-shopper status. And people wonder why I never shop! I don't have to with Tommy around.

What will I do with all that yarn you may be wondering. I'll tell you that in another post! 

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