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Thursday, April 21, 2011

T is for trouble, the Trouble with Vacations

Just as I was thinking of starting some seeds indoors for planting in the vegetable garden come June first (our first TOTALLY frost free day), Tom reminded me that we were going on a trip at the end of April. This was not good news to me. It would put any seedlings I might have growing at great risk. Tyler, our official cat/house sitter, may be all right about taking care of the cats, but watering tiny, delicate plants would be beyond his capabilities.
What will happen to my babies if I'm gone for a week
 This, therefore, is the trouble with vacations. Things back home go to potor is it that things in pots go back home? Whatever the case, I have decided it would be safer for my would-be veggie garden to get started a bit late, after we come back. This would put me back a good four weeks, but what can I do? Get a plant sitter??? Ah, well, life goes onjust a bit later than it should.

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