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Friday, April 22, 2011

U is for unexpected

Such was our swampy yard when we built our home here; completely unexpected. I mean to say, would you think you would find a swamp in the middle of a mostly open field, a field which used to be a horse pasture with just hay and some briar patches here and there? Swamps are supposed to be under many aged trees, with stagnant water pooling everywhere. What did I know?

It seemed we couldn't dig a hole without hitting a fresh water spring. That is how we got our pond. No, it didn't come with the land. There had been a depression in the land which always collected water and nothing seemed to dry it out. So, we dug the hole deeper, about 5 feet in the middle which would allow us to keep fish and water plants from freezing in winter. The pond filled up all on its own within a few days and frogs were making themselves at home even before that. Odd how animals seem to know where to go to live comfortably without anyone telling them.

Pond overflowing with water lilies, Hyacinths and cattails
It's either feast or famine, isn't it? Some gardeners don't have nearly enough water and I have too much. I can't imagine being so dry as actually having to use a hose to water my plants. I'm used to lush greenery around me, but I never use the hose to get it. Really I don't have to, ever. Water literally bubbles out of the ground here.  The  builder hit this gushing spring when he was putting in the pole barn and calculated about five gallons per hour came out of it. We're considering putting in another pond on the down side of the pole barn. Still thinking about it though.

The unexpected can be wonderful or a nuisance. All depends what you do with it, I suppose. We built a pond and I love it.

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