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Sunday, April 24, 2011

W is for wacky weather

Our April Fools day snow fall

It is a rather odd thing, but I can never be quite sure winter is over until spring is quite on its way. Well, its the wacky weather that does this. I can never truly be certain that winter is gone for good. Here in the Pocono Mountains, weve had eight inches of snow fall well into April, so, there is no relying on a calendar to tell us spring is here. Calender makers have obviously never ventured this way!

Once spring is declared, the Pocono gardenerperhaps its just me though?will hold her breath and brace for yet another inch or two of snow, sub-zero cold snaps sandwiching brilliantly beautiful warm days, blistering winds and an absolute deluge of water from the sky which proceed to soak an already soggy yard. Tis a wonder we can get any spring gardening done!

The truly wise and sensible gardener wont do much until after April is come and gone, but since when are gardenersthis one especially wise and sensible? No, after a grueling winter cooped up, any warm-ish, sunny day is invitation enough for getting our hands dirty, digging in the soil, pulling aside the winter mulch blanket and watching for the earliest sprouts. We shall go outside even in cold temps just to prompt spring to get here quick! Wacky weather be damned!

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