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Sunday, May 22, 2011

The eyes have it--or rather the potatoes do

Look what I found upon my return from vacation? Yes, the hazards of leaving a bit too much food around. But I didn't toss these out. Heck no! I planted them in my garden. Yes, I know what the experts say. "You must only use certified seed potatoes". Hogwash!

I've done it every spring if I have a few potatoes in the kitchen sprouting eyes around the spring planting time. I never had a stinking potato police running me in so I guess I didn't break any garden rules. Well, there's a relief! ;-)


  1. I wish potatoes would grow where we live. They will not grow in clay at all. In fact in NC the only grow in the Northeast Corner of the state where the soil is loamy with a bit of sand thrown in.

    I've been working on our garden to get a loamy mixture but it takes a couple of years to get there.

    At least your not trying to sell raw milk across state lines. If you did the FDA storm troopers would be at your door after a year long investigation.

  2. @ Dan, just get a load of sand in, spread it about 3" thick on your clay along with a couple of inches of old straw. Rototill it in and plant your potatoes, they'll do just fine. Potatoes don't like land that is too acidic or solid, pure clay, but they like NEW land.

    Remember not to make the fleshy part of the potato seed TOO big, otherwise the plant won't develop a lot of roots, it will live on the big, fat potato-seed instead.
    Best of luck with those!


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