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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lilac of a different color

It seems to be an oxymoron. White Lilacs...well, there's just something wrong about it. Or is there? We don't know if it was the flower that gave the color a name or vise-versa. So, which came first...the color Lilac or the flower Lilac? If it's the flower, then the white lilac is a fine name to differentiate it from the 'regular' Lilac.

But what if it was the color and the plant was named after the color? That makes it pretty darn stupid to have a lilac which happens to be white, still called a Lilac. What? We're supposed to call it a white? That would be ridiculous!

So, now we have Lilacs of many colors, red and pink ones plus a bizarre yellow Lilac and a two-toned one. I don't have any of those so I can't show you pictures. You can likely see them in your better mail order catalogs. They are very pretty but they are all called the confusing color name Lilac. What is a gardener to do? Well, we could just smell the flowers and shut up about it! Of course that would give me little to talk about. Silly me!

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  1. The correct name for the shrub you are referring to as 'lilac' is Syringa.

    Because of the colour of the common variety, lilac, it has come to be called 'lilac' so much that many people believe it is the real name of the plant. Hence the misleading names like 'white lilac'. :D


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