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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Miscanthus ornamental grass

This is my hedge of miscanthus ornamental grass. An acquaintance was digging them out of her yard and I asked if I could have them. So, that's how I got them. I suppose you're wondering why they're all brown though. That would  be because I never cut them down until after I see new growth starting.

You see, the birds when they build their nests need material and this stuff is the best for them. How do I know?
Well, one day while trimming the honeysuckle bushes I found this nest tucked way deep inside of one and guess what it's made of?

If you want them to come to your yard--birds, that is-- then give them no reason to leave by providing all they need even the stuff to make nests and the places to hide them in. Miscanthus ornamental grass is just one of many things in the yard good for the birds.

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  1. Love this post. So very in tune with your landscape. I like that!


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