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Thursday, May 26, 2011

The mystery of the toppled bird bath

So, I see this one morning--actually several mornings if truth be told. My bird bath was toppled over. Now I couldn't see how this happens and so often too! I'm out there winter, spring, summer and fall picking the darn thing up with no idea how it gets down in the first place.

So, I pick the darn thing up and put it back together. Mind you, that thing is made of cement so it's not that easy for me to pick it up, but I do it gosh-darn-it! My birds need to have their water you know.

I watch the birds every once in a while and wonder if they are the ones knocking it down. No way! They weigh 2-4 ounces at best. It's not having too much water or not enough either. This is solid cement which can't be blown away by a brisk breeze either. So, what the heck was knocking it down?

Little did I know, but there are some mighty big crows coming to the yard and one day I did see one land on the very edge of the bird bath. That however, didn't do it. The crow--or raven?-- took flight and wobble-wobble-drop! That was the mysterious toppler of my bird bath. Now if I could only get a picture of that....

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