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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Our Puerto Rican Holiday!

I thought I'd show you some of the sights of Puerto Rico. I love my ocean views!

This is on the streets of San Juan. I liked the colorful buildings.
                            One of the forts we visited. Castillo San Felipe del  Morro.

Three flags flying over the forts, USA and Puerto Rican flags of course, but also the red cross representing the Spanish who initially built the fort.

                                                      Ocean view from the fort.

               The second of the forts, Castillo San Cristobal. There were three all together.

               Well, lookie here! They were even talking about me back in the day...or not! ;-)

I had to show you the blue brick road. Yes, we followed it but alas, it didn't lead to the Ruby City. Well, I assumed it would lead there since the yellow brick road led to the emerald city. I thought it made sense, anyway.

You had to know I couldn't leave the forts without finding a flower somewhere. It was just sitting there in the middle of the field and with so many kids running around flying kites--or attempting to-- I figured this pretty buttercup might not last long.

While walking around we saw Amazon parrots, not to be confused with the endangered Puerto Rican parrot which are much smaller and all green. There are only 40 left in the wild! Poor little birdies!
This is one of the last remaining of the original gates of San Juan which was for a very long time a fortress city, completely walled-in and enclosed.

This is the equivalent of the white house in San Juan. Actually it's the governor's mansion now (and it's blue, not white), but at one time it surely had been used as the place for governing all of Puerto Rico.

There really truly was a park called the pigeon park and gosh-darn-it if there wasn't a heck of a lot of pigeons. See the wall toward the back with crevices? Those are nesting ports for the birds, tons of them! Nifty, huh? Well, it is if you like pigeons.

The third of the forts across the bay. Oddly enough, this fort Fortin San Juan de la Cruz, "El Canuelo", had been surrounded by water. They built up the land around it. Way cool!
                                          My guys and the painted city.
After the grand tour of San Juan we drove around to the third fort where we found the Bacardi distillery and went for a tour of the place. Tom and Brandon had some drinks with the Bacardi while, Justin and I had lemonade. We ain't stupid!


  1. great pictures! Surprised you didn't get any photos of their largest insect, a mosquito. When I was in the Navy we visited their once and all I remember was the mosquitoes because they seemed as big as a bat. And they seemed to be everywhere.

  2. How odd! I didn't see one mosquito, not one!And didn't get bit either. We did see some scary-big lizards, though, and stayed away from those!

  3. I'm thinking pigeon poop....
    Great pics! I've never been there so it is fun to see.

  4. Maybe the big scary lizards ate all the big scary mosquitoes? We where mostly on the other side of the island and it was after a big tropical storm had passed so maybe that activated a lot of mosquito larvae with a lot of standing water. You didn't miss anything.

  5. Yes, you did have to walk gingerly!


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