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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ponies...or miniature horses?

 Okay, so I dont know the difference between a pony and a miniature horse.I never said I was an animal person. Im strictly a plant person. I can tell a Hosta varigata undulate from a Hosta varigata marginata. Can you? Well, you should. They are rather different if you take the time to really look at them and... but I digress.

Its the ponies/miniature horses were supposed to be talking about.
Ive been trying to snap a picture of these little darling since I discovered the traveling petting zoo we have across the way had acquired them
 They're so cute! There were even a couple of babies. They were shy, however and didn't want to come to the fence to say hello.

 This isn't a pony nor a miniature horse, but she was with them just the same. It's some sort of deer although not the native White-tail. He was almost white which is a bit odd. He's not the only unusual four-legged creature here. There were a couple of alpacas but I've yet to get a picture of them. They don't look too friendly!

One of the babies is hiding in the tall grass. See the little black thing behind the white mama? That's him!

 They just refused to even look at me. Am I that ugly to ponies?

Wonder how long it will take for them to eat all that grass? I'll have to ask Julie over at Wooly Acres. Her sheep can't be much different than theses guys, can they?


  1. Glory, I am pretty sure those are ponies. Mini horses often look the same as horses just smaller. Ponies have different proportions. That is just a general guideline though--the mini-er the horse the more deformed it can get. But your neighbors look like cute ponies! (BUT are they miniature ponies??LOL). Have you approached with a cracker? You could quickly become their best friend!

  2. I'm very reluctant to approach any animal with food not knowing if the owners would appreciate it. They might think I'm trying to poison them! No, I'd rather admire from afar so everyone is happy. kill me! LOL

  3. Glory, these sure look like ponies to me. Mini-horses are quite different.
    If you stand at the fence and talk to them, they'll come and see you . Horses are very sociable, curious animals.

  4. I may try it... if I get the nerve up.


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