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Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty Forget-me-nots

This fuzzy picture is supposed to be a Forget-me-not. As you can so (un)clearly see, I ain't the best photographer, but at least I try.

The thing is, these are really tiny so you gotta get up close and very personal with the darling baby blues. This is one of the truest bluest flowers around and for that reason alone I call them one of my favorites. Yes, I know. They're all my favorites, I keep saying. You'll get used to it.
It's funny, but Forget-me-nots never show up in the same place twice. They are said to be perennials and yet I'm positive the ones I have here must have come up from dropped seeds. They always go to seed and scatter willy-nilly. I'm not about to stop them! The surprise of where I'll find them the next year is half the fun!

So, what I'm thinking is, Forget-me-nots are not truly perennials, at least not of the hardy variety. So, I'd call them semi-hardy perennials instead. I hope that's okay with you.


  1. I think we have some growing in among the Kudzu, but as you said, they are very tiny so I tend to overlook them. It's funny you bring up perennials. We have found that by looking at the min/max temp listed for an annual that many turn out to be "perennials" here NC. We love to shop the discard shelves at Lowes. We end up getting plants for pennies on the dollar that while they may not do well the remainder of the season, come back strong the next. We purchase a Japanese Weeping Willow that had 3 bare limbs in September 3 years ago for 2$ and it now has branches touching the ground. Originally the tree was listed for 29$.

  2. There are indeed, tender perennials and hardy annuals and it really all depends on where you live!

    Funny you should say that about bargain shopping for plants. I call Tommy the Charlie Brown of trees. You should see the pathetic pin oak he brought home one day! It was leaning to one side and just looked awful. He insisted with enough caring and staking it that he could straighten it out and don't you know, he was right! It's beautiful now! LOL
    We've bought a few clunkers too, those that just were too far gone to rescue but they are worth a shot!


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