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Friday, May 27, 2011

Protecting catnip

Calisto, the bird-watching cat
I realize it may seem weird to have a cage around a catnip plant, but if I didn't do this, the cats--have I mentioned I have four of them?-- would sit on top of it, roll around it and pretty much kill it if given the chance. So, I don't give them the chance!

Why do cats do this? Don't have a clue. Even this cage won't keep them away though. I often see one or two of them, usually Calisto, just sitting next to it as if just being close to  the catnip plant was enough to calm her nerves. Cats are funny, huh?
Chase doing what Chase does best...nothing at all.


  1. My wife's cat "Dumpster" loves catnip also but she has to have it in a white paper plate to roll around in and push the plate around. Just putting the catnip on the floor isn't good enough. If you notice I said my wife's cat, it's because the cat follows her around like a dog. We also have to put a cage around ours because we have one crazy squirrel who seems to like it. Squirrels aren't known to like catnip.

  2. Who can ever tell what's in the mind of a screwy squirrel? Most animals do recognize the calming effect of catnip without anyone ever telling them. Animals can be so much wiser than humans. :-)


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