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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Protection for my camera

This is a quandary. I want to tell you about my camera, but I can’t exactly show you a picture of my camera, now can I?

No matter. I had a dilemma and I needed a solution. Because I wanted to be able to take my camera with me everywhere I went-- in case I found something interesting to show you, whether it be plant, animal or anything-- I needed a way to transport it so that it wouldn’t be likely to get bumped and broken. In my stash of anything useful which doesn’t have a purpose yet—this is usually in my craft stuff—I found this perfect sized drawstring bag.

Truly it was the perfect size for the camera. Only thing was it was dreadfully thin…not much protection. So what was I to do? I thought of making another bag from quilted material but that would have taken extra time and i really liked the little bag I already had. so, out came the crochet hook and some scrap yarn. Cool thing was it was almost an exact color match to the drawstring bag. Gees, you’d think I planned it this way! Nope, all a fluke.
 So, I crocheted my little insert (it was almost exactly like the sun glass cases I  made and showed you some time back only a little shorter on one side and wider on the other) and inserted it into the drawstring bag. The nice and snug fit was perfect for my camera. I'd show you my camera all snug in its new home but...well, you know.
I amaze even myself sometimes! ;-)


  1. I would have just cut off one of my socks and stuffed it in there. You could get an indelible pen and decorate the outside. On the front write My Camera and on the back your name and phone number in case it gets left somewhere. Or at least draw you a flower on it.

  2. Hmm, you're not a very creative sort, are you? LOL

  3. Very cool idea, Glory, now you need a second camera to record those moments of genius, but then you'll need a second camera bag too. Dan's sock idea is brilliant, he has two socks, one for each camera already.... ":))

  4. My, my, but you boys can get silly! :-)

  5. That's very cool, Glory, obviously you'll need a second camera too, and then a second camera bag. Dan's idea to use socks is brilliant, they come in pairs, but you would need a right-handed camera and a left-handed one. ": )


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