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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The scents of spring

About a week back Tom went through the backyard to the pole-barn and the first thing out of his mouth when he came back in was, "It smells so good out there! The hyacinths are great!"

Hyacinths are indeed a lovely perfume factory all on their own and they happen to be Tom's favorites. I've seem him get down on his belly to sniff them! They are short to the ground after all. But he really needn't do that. They quite literally perfume the entire backyard.

Hyacinths aren't, however, the only scents of spring. Apple blossoms and some daffodils are lovely for the nose. The smell of freshly cut grass is one of my favorites, so "green" smelling! Tom likes to smell scallions mixed with grass because it reminds him of when he used to mow the lawn for his grandmother. We don't have scallions in the grass, but we do have mint! That's another nice favorite scent for late spring.

Some may think me totally nuts, but I do love the smell of fresh bark mulch. My kids, alas, have grown to hate it though. That may have been because we forced them to help us mulch back in the early days of setting up gardens. I think they associate the smell of mulch with back-breaking work. Imagine that!

Unless you have horrible allergies, you ought to step outside this spring and just take in a deep breath. You're very likely to smell something sweet, green and lovely. Ah, the scents of spring!

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