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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Spring walk #4

After I came back from our vacation I found my garden had virtually exploded. Wanna see? Of course you do!
                                                    My Yoshino Cherry tree in full bloom!
Look at this! Violets in bloom! Yes, almost like my novel in progress. You know, the one called Violet's in Bloom. What! You don't know about it? Well, you do now. Go see for yourself.

Some violets were not in the garden. They jumped the barrier and landed in the grass.

                                          The Azealea by the house looks mighty pretty.
There were Dandelions as well, tons of them and tall grass. I sent Tyler to cut the grass after this picture. I'll show you more next time.


  1. See, all that rain that was keeping you indoors did what it was supposed to do. All that's missing is a Koi Pond. LOL

  2. We do have a pond but with goldfish and frogs--tons of frogs--which like to hide under the waterlily leaves. The goldfish hide, the frogs sit on them! Wanted to make that clear.

  3. That's right, I forgot you mentioned that before. Well it was over a week ago you mentioned it and how am I supposed to remember that far back? Our frogs are much to big to sit on lily pads. Koi fish spend most of their day on the surface looking for bugs and stuff. Since our pond is covered they don't need shady places to get out of the sun.


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