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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Spring walk in my swampy yard

When I take a spring walk in my swampy yard I need the right footwear. Sure enough, my duck boots do the trick. I never did know why Tommy called them duck boots but it can be assumed it may be because they happen to be waterproof, rather a bit like ducks themselves!

I don't really like to wear them, but it's either that or come back inside with sopping wet socks. Or very wet feet! Yes, that's my foot in the puddle. I was in a hurry to get some pictures of the flowering trees in the orchard before we left for vacation and I quickly stepped into these plastic clog things. Big mistake!

As you can see, I sank right into the muddy puddle. YUCK! Fun times in Glory's garden, I'm telling ya!


  1. Duck boots originally went all the way to the knee and where more often then not lined and where used for hunting ducks (or other water fowl). Over the years they have shortened and the name is usually applied to any winter rugged boot that is rubberized and waterproof.

  2. A wealth of knowledge you are, Dan! Thanks so much.

  3. Hopefully you have dried out a bit since then. That is exactly what our whole pasture was like but with these 3-4 nice days in a row, everything has dried nicely!
    Glad to have you back. I think you have had ENOUGH vacations for this year! :-)


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